Wednesday, March 21, 2007 doesn't understand Shelley Moore Capito's power


The Sisters of Sigma Mu Capito are very concerned about your new Pre-Season Power Rankings. Before you advertise it too heavily, we want to point out that something has gone really wrong with the new ranking system.

There is just no possible way that the bestest Republican Representative from West Virginia, the supremely marvelous Shelley Moore Capito, ranks 421st out of 439 members. Why, you even rank her as 185th out of 202 Republicans in Congress. Really, though, the most obvious sign of trouble is putting her dead last (38 of 38) among the Class of 2000.

You folks at have some really wierd ideas about what makes a representative powerful.

Sure, you got the committee appointment thing right. But you also say making media appearances, fund-raising for colleagues, and caucus leadership are all signs of influence. You even think stuff like getting legislation passed through committees, onto the floor, passed in the house, and signed into law are all signs of power.

Before you go too far with these obviously biased set of rankings, please reconsider the important stuff. Which Representative moves the fastest? Rep. Shelley Moore Capito never stops working for West Virginia. We have video proof of her amazing power to move faster than your average representative.

Super Rep. Shelley Moore Capito doesn't waste time doing all that extra stuff other representatives do in Washington. She's busy working here in West Virginia for us.

When she's in Washington, she raises money from her colleagues and gets contributions from PACs so she can go back there again. That's a sign of real power--raising those big money dollars to win re-election. Why don't you count that?

How can you justify such obviously biased rankings. We implore you to reconsider these rankings and come up with ones that put Rep. Shelley Moore Capito where she rightly belongs--well above average.


Sigmu Mu Capito, The Sistershood of Shelley

p.s. We may have found another problem with your ranking. In her profile, you some how neglected to include Shelley Capito's powerful position on the Page Board. Did you leave that out of her ranking, too? That will boost her power rating up quite a bit, won't it?

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